We created PIKO to bring our passion for Asian street food to the Chicago area. We specialize in serving bold Asian flavors in contemporary ways.


Besides the Asian flavors and our unique vessels, what really sets us apart are our homemade marinades and signature sauces. Our Asian marinades are made from family recipes while our sauces are created to compliment each vessel. The flavors from these sauces and marinades are the heart and soul of our food. 

Our menu was created by combining three generations of family recipes and our passion for Asian street food.  Our objective is to serve people delicious food in a timely manner.   At the same time a great deal of care and passion go into each dish that is served out of our window.  Our Korean Bulgogi Ribeye and Thai Coconut Curry Chicken are marinated over night while our Chinese Five Spice pork belly is slowly simmered for hours before service.  Each dish is topped with our homemade sauces which are specifically created to enhance the overall flavor.